Couples Therapy

Are you feeling stuck in your relationship? Fighting about the same things over and over again hoping that this time things may change, and you’ll finally feel heard? 

Are you tired of the same conflict cycles or patterns? Has sex, intimacy, and connection changed and you’re wanting what you used to have back or something even better? Has there been a breach in trust or an affair? Do you have one foot in and one foot out the door, constantly trying to decide what to do or how to save your relationship with the person you love most?

Well, let’s not throw in the towel just yet and instead invest in your relationship with the help of a professional. I have successfully completed Level 1, 2, and 3 (highest level) training as well as the Gottman Addiction and Affair training. I use the Gottman Method, which is a very eclectic model, in working with couples to move you out of gridlock toward compromise and back to connection by teaching you the fundamental communication and conflict resolution skills to do so.

Relationships are hard work, but I’m here to help

My Goal
My goal for you is to feel more connected and in love than you have ever felt before through healing, empathy, and understanding. Couples therapy is a unique opportunity and experience where you will have a safe space to learn more about yourself and your partner as well as understand them in a much deeper way while finally feeling understood in return. Couples therapy is a place to grow and heal together because it takes more than love for a successful relationship – it takes trial and error, communication and connection, time, effort and patience, acceptance, change, and forgiveness.

Let’s walk this journey together toward improving your mental health, relationships, and well-being to create the love & life you envision

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What to Expect

In-Office or Virtual Appointments Available for California residents

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Meet for first Couples Session

Consent Forms Due by the first scheduled session and are provided following consultation

Each Partner Meets for Individual Session

This is where I get to know each individual to better understand your relationship

We'll meet for Couples Therapy on a regular, reoccurring basis

The Couple’s Treatment Plan will also be reviewed with the Couple

Be proactive in improving your relationships with yourself and others, don’t wait until it feels impossible

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Call Me! (916) 676-7420

775 Sunrise Ave, Suite 160 Roseville CA 95661